Native American quotes

Native American quotes on life

There's lots of talk these days in what makes a good leader. Sometimes I'm wondering as we fully realize on this country what a good leader is. Or, more to the point, do our very own leaders know?

Here are a few Native American teachings about leadership.

A pacesetter:

• is the poorest man inside the tribe because when the old and orphaned are without, the primary gives from his or her own stores to manage them.

• has compassion and looks out for that well-being of others.

• takes responsibility and admits mistakes.

• hears the counsel of ladies so that you can use a balanced viewpoint.

• prizes peace above all else.

A spiritual leader can contact the animal nations and weather for that protection of those.

Generally in most indigenous societies there are no wealthy classes or poor classes, no homeless. Everyone had the things they needed, was equal and was free.

The very first Europeans who stumbled on the newest World sent news to Europe in the 16th-18th centuries that the "savages" embraced equality! That news had been a catalyst for that interest in democracy in Europe to exchange the ruling classes and the abject poverty of the peasants.

Legend of the Peacemaker

The first recorded great Native American leader was "the Peacemaker."

One thousand in years past, 5 tribes in the northeastern U.S. [the Mohawks, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga and Cayugas ] were constantly at war.

1 day a man arrived at a white stone canoe from across Onondaga Lake to instruct Peace as well as an end to violence, saying "Peace may be the wish of the Holder with the Heavens."

He traveled among the tribes for upwards of 40 years and, eventually, each person and village accepted his teaching.

He gave instructions to create a government depending on equality, freedom of speech and religion, dignity and harmony. This took over as Great Law of Peace, and the five tribes collectively became known as the Haudenosaunee, meaning People with the Long House.

Native American quotes on life

A bit known historical simple truth is the United states of america Constitution is founded on the truly amazing Law of Peace.

This man is recognized as this type of great leader, therefore sacred, that his name isn't spoken. He is known only since the Peacemaker.


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